Domaine GADAIS Pèr et Fils

Our History

Originally operating a small mixed farm, the family rapidly specialized in the growing of wine grapes.

As early as 1952, Louis Gadais began selling his wine directly in bottles and was considered a pioneer in the matter. This new outlet proved immediately promising and the export markets soon took an interest in this atypical winemaker. Indeed, by 1959, Gadais Muscadet could be purchased in New York, at 1036 Park Avenue.

At this time, Louis was joined by his sons Marcel and Michel, who pursued the same quality-driven policy that over the years would win the loyalty of the estate's clientele. Under the two brothers, the vineyard gradually expanded to cover some twenty hectares in the 1990s.


Today, under the impetus of Christophe Gadais, who served a long apprenticeship both abroad and in France's Sancerre region, the estate has taken on a whole new dimension. An angler who enjoys fishing the Sèvre and Maine winegrowing areas in his free time, our winemaker is particularly respectful of the environment.

The estate's 47 hectares, separated into 120 plots, receive minimal chemical treatments, taking into account the auxiliary fauna and tolerance thresholds. To protect the microbial life of the soil, copper treatments are no longer used and manure is applied in a measured, plot-by-plot manner according to the vigour of the vines. Occasionally, when Mother Nature proves too generous, our winemaker won't hesitate to sacrifice a portion of the harvest: carried out during the month of July, this "green harvest" consists of eliminating a portion of the bunches so as to produce more concentrated grapes. Indeed, his principal concern remains the endless quest for impeccable quality.


L'abus d'alcool est dangereux pour la santé, à consommer avec modération.
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